Whippoorwill Creme de La x Whippoorwill Keepsake) 
Chestnut 14.3 H
CMHA# 14,884
AMHA# 167,681
Born 29 April 2005


Whippoorwill Touchstone was born April 29. He has a star and short rear socks behind and is a fairly dark chestnut. Touch is quiet, gentle soul with a sweet nature and has a spectacular trotter. Mary Jean Vasiloff of McCulloch Farm/Whippoorwill Morgans is leasing this young stallion to Krila Morgans. Touch is sharing the breeding duties with our senior stallion Whippoorwill Hidalgo.

Touchstone is maturing into a very handsome stallion. He turned 3 this year and is 14.3 hh this July. Outstanding personality being fun to work with, loves to be around people...a model stallion and a critter of beauty when you watch him move! He sired his first foal May 2008, Krila's Crown Trinket (Whippoorwill Touchstone x Gold Cross Sun Princess). Touchstone's second foal arrived in 4 May 2009, who is a beautiful palomino filly, Krila's Lotus Flower (Whippoorwill Touchstone x Gold Cross Sun Flower) We are extremely happy with these fillies hoping for many more in the future.

Pictures by Kristi Roy - July 2008

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