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Stoneworks by Trudi Peek    

Kristi's Mom lives in Port Orchard, WA and started to create these wonderful watercolor paintings, on rocks, of owls and cats. I think they are so well done and pretty that I would like to share them with a lot of other folks. If you are interested in buying any of her critters please feel free to contact my Mom at the e-mail address and/or phone number listed below. She has a tremendous  selection of owls rocks and cats rocks for sale.

Here is Kristi's Mom's story about what she does:

The cats and owls that I love-their snug, rounded bodies, their unique eyes, their elusive beauty and their humor that often peeks out-seems very much at home on the beautiful, light-colored, surf-smoothed stones and driftwood I find in this corner of Washington. Not every stone works, of coarse, but once I decide there is an animal inside a stone, I make a careful drawing and start building up the many layers of its eyes and nose and beaks. I use only transparent watercolor paint so that I don't obliterate the beauty of the stone. Acrylic spray finishes the painting for a durable surface. Elk leather is used for the pedestals and as padding wherever the stone might come into contact with the table or walls.

Trudi Peek

Phone: 360-895-9566

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