Black 14.2 H
CMHA# 13,124
AMHA # 158,057
Born 23 May 2002
$600 CND


Hidalgo is now 6 years old. This boy continues to win hearts with who ever sees him. Wonderful personality, happy, kind, athletic as well, he is crossing so well with our mares and giving us outstanding babies.

Hidalgo has a beautiful head, smart mind and is a stunning mover with that wonderful long reaching and floating trot his family is known so well for. This elegant stallion is our sire of versatile, classic [using] Morgans. He is bred to pass on his soundness, disposition, athletic ability and has the type and conformation to satisfy the most knowledgeable and critical of horsemen. We at Krila Morgans invite your inspection.

His sire, Whippoorwill Aristocrat owned by Matt and Tonya Farina of Matton Morgans is a dressage champion and carriage horse. His dam's sire, Whippoorwill Newmoon, was twice Grand National Open Reining Champion. Both sire and dam descend from Whippoorwill Duke, foundation sire for McCulloch Farm~Whippoorwill Morgans.

Hidalgo's first crop of foals arrived in the spring of 2005. We couldn't be happier with the high quality and temperament we gotten over the years. He has sired five blacks, two palomino's and one buckskin as of spring 2007. We have kept back two of Hidalgo's daughters, Krila's Damita and Krila's Morning Glory as future broodmares for Krila Morgans. 

Pictures by Kristi Roy - July 2008

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Sire: Whippoorwill Aristocrat


Dam: Whippoorwill Larissa

Picture of mare at 1 year old

WHIPPOORWILL HIDALGO Whippoorwill Aristocrat Whippoorwill Skylark Whippoorwill DuTime
Whippoorwill Duke
Dalcrest Ran-Bu-Time
Whippoorwill Melody
Squire Burger
Whippoorwill Corona Blackwood Correll
Red Correll
Lady Rockwood
Whippoorwill Aurora
Serenity Marchtime
Whippoorwill Pazazz
Whippoorwill Larissa Whippoorwill New Moon Blackwood Correll
Red Correll
Lady Rockwood
Whippoorwill Kathleen
Whippoorwill Duke
Broadwall Mayfield
Whippoorwill Locket Whippoorwill Duke
Squire Burger
Whippoorwill Starling
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Whippoorwill Melody