(Whippoorwill Hidalgo x Gold Cross Sun Flower)
Born 30 April 2006

We are very pleased to be adding this young mare to our breeding program. She is another great example of what we have been getting with Whippoorwill Hidalgo bred to the Gold Cross mares. Outstanding. Glory is 15.1 h, is a beautiful mover, quick to learn what we ask of her and is a very nice and gentle mare. She has been bred to Triple S Goldust Correll for a 2010 foal.


All three mares are from three different full sisters.The buckskin is Krila's Damita, the black is Mossrose Extravagance and the palomino is Krila's Morning Glory.

Sire: Whippoorwill Hidalgo


Dam: Gold Cross Sun Flower


KRILA'S MORNING GLORY Whippoorwill Hidalgo Whippoorwill Aristocrat Whippoorwill Skylark

Whippoorwill DuTime
Whippoorwill Melody
Whippoorwill Corona

Blackwood Correll
Whippoorwill Aurora
Whippoorwill Larissa Whippoorwill Newmoon

Blackwood Correll
Whippoorwill Kathleen
Whippoorwill Locket

Whippoorwill Duke
Whippoorwill Starling
Gold Cross Sun Flower Whippoorwill Arges Whippoorwill Signet

Serenity March Time
Whippoorwill Locket
Whippoorwill Pazazz

Whippoorwill Duke
Piankeshaw Jazana
Tia Marietta Californio

Tio Lalo
Tia Monita

Tio Lalo
Seranita Ro