Whippoorwill Hidalgo x Gold Cross Sun Princess)
CMHA# 14,742
Born 7 May, 2005

Ami is our first foal by Whippoorwill Hidalgo out of Gold Cross Sun Princess. Her name, Krila's Damita means "Little Noble Lady". This fine young filly is growing up to be fun and beautiful. Ami is so very much like her sire, Hidalgo in over all balance and look AND the wonderful bonus is Ami has the very same loving, kind and gentle personality that we love so much with her sire. We are keeping this young girl with plans to bred her to Whippoorwill Touchstone in 2010 for a 2011 foal. Ami was trained for riding the fall/winter of 2008 and was a great student. Very smart, responsive and extremely quick and agile. Should make for many years of fun riding along with her Mom duties.

Sire: Whippoorwill Hidalgo


Dam: Gold Cross Sun Princess

KRILA'S DAMITA Whippoorwill Hidalgo Whippoorwill Aristocrat Whippoorwill Skylark
Whippoorwill DuTime
Whippoorwill Melody
Whippoorwill Corona
Blackwood Correll
Whippoorwill Aurora
Whippoorwill Larissa Whippoorwill Newmoon
Blackwood Correll
Whippoorwill Kathleen
Whippoorwill Locket
Whippoorwill Duke
Whippoorwill Starling
Gold Cross Sun Princess Whippoorwill Arges Whippoorwill Signet
Sernity March Time
Whippoorwill Locket
Whippoorwill Pazazz
Whippoorwill Duke
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Tia Marietta Californio
Tio Lalo
Tia Monita
Tio Lalo
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